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Antique Car Insurance

In the Los Angeles area, antique car insurance is for cars that are 45 years of age or older, since these kinds of automobiles are known as antique cars, and they are generally defined as antique cars when a car is known to be over 45 years of age, this being the definition used by the Antique Automobile Club of America. However, the legal definition for the purpose of antique vehicle registration varies widely among makes and models and states.

The antique car era includes the veteran car era and the brass car era which is from the beginning of the automobile up to the 1930s. In original or originally restored condition antiques are very valuable and are usually either protected and stored or exhibited in car shows but are very rarely driven, however, they still need to be insured, and that is why here at Clear Insurance Services, we offer classic car and antique car insurance for our customers who have such valuble automobiles, since if the car is so valuble, then why wouldn't you want to insure it?

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